Preparing Thanksgiving!

Preparing Thanksgiving!

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? Just one week, and you sit down to dinner with guests at your very own table! Are you ready?!!

Perhaps these hints will smooth your holiday weekend, and you will truly enjoy yourself and your company!

Ready your table soon as you can! Extra leaves, table pads, tablecloths – and the folding chairs are all in place! Reconfirmed the guest list – we’re all set knowing our numbers! Believe it or not, this took a good 3 hours, and we gladly checked it off our to-do list!

Errands, shopping, personal paperwork up to date! Especially with family coming in town, we completed everything else to truly focus on the wonderful time being together, and sharing special places in Atlanta. Five extra folks staying with us means readying our guest rooms, checking closet light bulbs, shelves, and sprucing up the bedrooms! Guest bathrooms too – well-stocked!

Now, the meals. Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday! Loving the tastes, gatherings and wonderful historical story of sharing harvest. Thanksgiving memories shared across this great country.

Well, I’m ready to start cooking, having shortened my preparation time considerably, and you can too.! I call it prepping, just like I prep for my macrobiotic cooking class! That’s right! This Sunday just before Thanksgiving, I’m giving a Vegan and Macrobiotic Cooking Class for Thanksgiving and I have just completed measuring all non-refrigerated ingredients. Set on individual trays for each of the 8 recipes we will make in the class. That’s the trick! Each tray holds the recipe and ingredients of a single dish, copied from my macrobiotic cooking class Thanksgiving recipe handout, so it’s easy to identify each dish. For ease, the pumpkin pie has two trays: one holds the different spices, the kabocha squash, and a few other ingredients for the filling; my famous pie crust tray separately holds the flours, the rolling pin, with room for the additional items we will add Sunday morning.

Early gathering these ingredients, and leisurely measuring ingredients saves so much time cooking day. Giving me one more chance to make sure my recipes are understandable, and that I have all my ingredients listed on my final shopping list. We shop early Friday morning for my Sunday class. By then we know our final numbers for the class, and the produce is exquisitely fresh for Sunday! Early morning, class day I gather all refrigerated items, adding them to trays before starting to prep each dish. And we’re off and running!

So, turn on your favorite music, get to grooving around your kitchen, pantry, dining room, and wherever else you may have extra table space – we set up two extra card-tables in our living room, so everyone will sit in close proximity, and those tables are holding my trays for my macrobiotic cooking class. Have fun prepping your holiday cooking this Thanksgiving, and enjoy this shortcut whenever you entertain!

I just came across this Cranberry Sauce Recipe you might enjoy this year! It’s always fun trying new tastes, and this one is sweet, and really stretches those organic cranberries!

From Gail Jack’s wonderful book of American Macrobiotic Cooking, she credits it to her friend Alice, from Becket, Massachusetts! Thank you Alice and Gail!

I call it sweet smilin’ cranberry sauce! And you would too if you saw my sweet husband’s smile when he tasted it for me tonight!

Hope you and yours enjoy this free Macrobiotic Diet Recipe,

Wishing you a very, healthy, Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. 1 cup organic cranberries
  2. 1 cup apple juice, Whole Foods, not Gravenstein!
  3. Rice syrup to taste
  4. 2 cups apples, chopped
  5. pinch Si Salt sea salt*
  6. 1 1/2 teaspoon kuzu
  1. • Place cranberries, apples, apple juice and sea salt in a saucepan.
  2. • Cover, bringing to boil & simmer til cranberries soften, approx 15 minutes.
  3. • Add a little rice syrup, if too tart.
  4. • Dissolve kuzu in little cold water & add to sauce; cook & stir til thickened & clear.
  1. *Si Salt Sea Salt - preferred in Macrobiotic Diet recipes, fine, still contains 67 trace
  2. minerals, available at the Kushi Institute Store 800.645.8744!
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