My Kitchen is a Macro Spa!

My Kitchen is a Macro Spa!

It’s a Spa! It’s a Pharmacy! No, it’s just my Macrobiotic Kitchen, but I feel like Superman in it, with everything I need already in my glass jars, and equipment to create whatever remedies and dishes best suit! Remember the Boy Scout’s Marching Song!

Be prepared, … for whatever comes along! Well, having your well-stocked macrobiotic kitchen, a copy of Michio Kushi and Alex Jack’s The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health, your macrobiotic counselor’s cell phone number and you’re good to go! Ready for just about anything!

Like my husband’s oral surgery yesterday. The periodontist prescribed a soft diet including milk shakes with supplements and / or eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc. appropriate. With the additional note: Please do not go without nourishment during the first day or so. Okay, so what’s a macro-wife to do!! It’s all very easy in our macro kitchen-spa! So, jump into my shoes – here’s what we did.

Throughout day before surgery, we served specially nutritious meals: Lunch included miso soup, sardine spread, brown rice and cabbage, squash and onion sauté. Dinner included: lentil soup, brown rice with sweet brown rice, which relaxes nerve endings and muscles, arame with vegetables  – extra minerals for healing, and Hokkaido aduki beans. In the evening, Fred sipped Ume Sho Kuzu drink, the macrobiotic antibiotic, while I prepared food for the day of his surgery.

Knowing a liquid diet was called for, I freshly hulled one cup of short grain brown rice and soaked this with 10 cups of water! Ten cups of water! Did I make a mistake? Nope, this is Brown Rice Cream we’re making. We’ll pressure cook it early in the morning, and using the William Sonoma Cuisinart Food Mill, pour it through 2 of the disks: first through the largest disk, and secondly through the teeniest disk, obtaining a thick liquid, omitting only the small amount of rice pulp. And I soaked one cup of Hokkaido Azuki Beans ~ only the best for this sweet man and tomorrow while the rice is a’cookin’, these beans will too, for a nice Azuki Bean Tea, a nice protein for a liquid diet! Lots healthier and more digestible than the eggs on the above suggested list!

And once we come home, we’ll make Michio Kushi’s awesome Happy Liver Drink, with napa cabbage, granny smith apple, cucumber, sprouts and celery! Who wouldn’t be happy with that! Cooling, refreshing, light ~ instead of the milkshake with supplements!

Following this with brown rice cream, aduki bean tea, barley tea, leafy green tea ~ Fred felt very nourished without compromising the quality of his food. Enjoying the the same ingredients we often eat, only liquified.

Enjoying fresh Miso Soup daily and repeating Ume Sho Kuzu throughout the next 10 days, and we can ignore the antibiotic prescription for Amoxicillin 500mg and all it’s side effects. In lieu of Lidocaine and Peridex rinses, we use Weleda products created by Rudolf Steiner with it’s healing effects, and Dentizyme by Natura, Bio-active Botanical Complex of extracts & essential oils – all organic. Very healing to the gums. We actually use it quite often.

The doctor gave Fred one Ibuprofen before he left the office, and prescribed Vicoprophen 7.5mg/200mg Ibuprophen. So Fred really felt fine, and though I bought a box of over-the counter Ibuprophen for just-in-cases, this can be returned, or donated  away. The warnings list on the box is pretty scary, yet this is supposed to be the mildest pill for pain. We’ll use Dentizyme & eat sweet brown rice any day over that long list of meds!

All the recipes mentioned are in Michio Kushi and Alex Jack’s book, The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health, and today food mills are also available on-line. I wish every home had one! Whenever Fred or I are the least bit under the weather, we make brown rice cream for each other, and bingo, we just get over whatever that problem could have become. It’s so amazing. I’ve even made it for clients to receive intravenously at the hospital. It truly nourishes us with nutrients without taxing our digestive system one iota! How perfect a food is that!

I say, Vive la Food Mill! Hope you’ll have one in your kitchen too! This is one item you don’t want to be having to find when you do already are needing it! Be that Scout, and have it in place! And your kitchen too will be the Spa, the pharmacy ~ and you get to be super-don’t-have-to-take-medications-macro-food healer too!

Footnote: Three days later, Fred was ready for more solid food. Our mini Cuisinart food processor did wonders with greens, creating a pesto consistency, and letting him enjoy steamed or sautéed greens, even blanched veg sooner than if he would be able to chew them as usual. 

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