Carrying Your Vacation Home

Carrying Your Vacation Home

Writing from the mountains of Gstaad, Switzerland where we’ve been enjoying a family reunion ~ stretching each and every day, we’ve learned so much about ourselves. And what we’d like to integrate into our daily regime once we’re home again.

A few years ago a book entitled, All I Ever Needed to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten caught the attention of so many readers! That’s how I feel about this vacation. All we need do to enhance our everyday happiness, tranquility, balance and bring our health to the next level is fine tune each day with the simple pleasures we’ve shared with our family here in this summer wonderland.

The magic formula: taking time. That’s it. Taking time for each type of exercise I enjoy: do-in, meridian, self shiatsu; yoga and pranayama; walking and hiking.

Early rising is the secret, and the logical order of each fitting the morning framework. Because there is also cooking! Practicing Macrobiotics, if we’re going to eat as well as we wish, then my weekly meal plan is in place ~ and just soaking grains & beans the night before sets the morning stage.

Especially with cooking for clients several days a week, being on task is essential. So here’s the plan: do-in, meridian exercises, self shiatsu happen before I start cooking, and once the client’s meals are complete, walking and yoga are my priority within the day.

As well as any other work, or paper work. Dinner and after begin the evening wind-down ~ just relaxing, conversation and companionship with my dear husband and friends.

Since I  cook for clients several days a week, weekly meal plans are essential, and I highly recommend this to you as well. It’s the key to ease with a healthier lifestyle, and isn’t that what we’re all about!

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