Where’s the Beans??? Tempeh, Tofu, the GMO Scoop!

Where’s the Beans??? Tempeh, Tofu, the GMO Scoop!

We’ve come a long way from Wendy’s 1984 commercial & Clara Peller asking, where’s the beef? But  are co-workers wondering if you omitted protein from lunch today? Are you concerned about eating sufficient protein while selecting vegan and vegetarian dishes at restaurants? What about meal-planning for your family and yourself at home?

Are you concerned about eating real beans or if they are GMO? Wouldn’t you like to know where to buy beans from some of the the richest soil in the world? Have you just read The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone and wondered how to prepare her recipes?

We’ll answer your protein questions in our Macrobiotic Cooking Classes! Including quality and variety to enhance your protein intake, the value of protein, frequency, and quantity  for optimum health. Most importantly, you’ll learn the macrobiotic cooking techniques to enhance the digestibility of protein.

So bring your questions, and your friends to  very informative Macrobiotic Cooking Class in our 2013 Series, held conveniently in our home, just north of Atlanta in Dunwoody, Georgia! Near GA. 400. Hope to see you at our very special Macrobiotic Cooking Class just for Y-O-U!

In the meanwhile, order your tempeh from Rhapsody Foods in Montpelier, Vermont, and you will be thrilled with every tempeh menu you prepare! Tell ‘em you learned about them all the way south in Atlanta! Enjoy!!!

Our favorite tofu is Wildwood, available in Atlanta at both Dekalb Farmer’s Market and Whole Foods. We buy the Super Firm for pan-fried tofu. Wildwood Extra Firm is our choice for softer tofu dishes, stir-fry, nabe, scrambled tofu, sauces and sweet dishes too.

Beans – cook ‘em from scratch. And scratch the cans, unless you’re a college student, traveling, or with limited kitchen access. Skimming the foam, cooking with kombu and excellent quality Si Salt, sea salt, shoyu or tamari and other macro seasonings, digest these protein gems perfectly, benefitting you enormously! You’ll see a whole new YOU!

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