Fred’s Fun with Macrobiotic Cuisine

Fred’s Fun with Macrobiotic Cuisine

One Man’s Journey to Health using the Macrobiotic Diet

In 1992 I had a triple bypass operation after one large heart attack, and 34 smaller ones at the hospital following medication to stop that big one. This left me very weak and I decided then and there to do all I could to heal myself. Most importantly, change the life style that had brought on this life-threatening crisis.

First I enrolled in St. Joseph Hospital’s cardiac rehab program, which continued at a great health club. In a matter of 2 months I became amazingly fit. Marsha had discovered Dr. Ornish’s book “How To Reverse Heart Disease Without Surgery and we followed the diet he recommended for 6 months, attending his November seminar in Berkeley.

March, 1993 we met up in Florida with Senior Macrobiotic Counselor, Lino Stanchich, attended his lecture which rang so true to me. I had my private consultation with him the next day, and decided to follow the macrobiotic diet he recommended specifically modified to heal myself completely. Marsha took macrobiotic cooking classes, and within 2 months on the program a test at cardiac rehab showed my fat content was the lowest they had ever measured. Down to 8% – equal to that of an athlete.

The Macrobiotic Diet I have found is very empowering. It’s a diet of energetics. Proper cooking style and selection of foods attuned me to my real dietary needs. Initially it was Marsha doing most of the cooking. She truly improved her cooking skills by studying at the Kushi Institute, and initially I assisted her as the macro dishwasher. But in time and assisting with Macrobiotic cooking teachers we brought to our home since 1993, such as Wendy Esko and Warren Kramer, I became quite comfortable with preparing Macrobiotic cuisine. Ready to doing my own exploits.

As my health improved, business travel took me to the New York area 4-5 days, almost weekly. Cooking breakfast and lunch each morning at the hotel, I was able to keep the menu Ed Esko suggested for my macrobiotic recommendations. I even developed a program which I called Macro on the Go – a class I taught 3 years at The Kushi Summer Conference. I introduced myself saying, I’m not a macrobiotic counselor, or teacher – I’m just a traveling business man. We even sold travel kits and demo’ed my suitcase set-up full of cookers, pots and utensils! My classes were always popular, and many folks said this helped them immensely.

Recently I have been assisting Marsha more intensely the last couple of years in our Macrobiotic Cooking Service. We prepare 2 macrobiotic meals-to-go daily Monday through Saturday for our clients. And have fun doing this together. In the beginning Marsha’s high standards kept her correcting me often. But that’s why I love her. And I prefer everything being top knotch for our guests. And being part of this macro movie!

Now I am proud to say my specialty is Kinpira Soup. And for those of you knowing this dish, that’s a lot of precise matchstick cutting. My Swiss background embraces this cuisine beautifully with exacting knife-manship! Marsha adores my Miso soup best; she says my sweetness gets into the soup, and if we ever made it the exactly the same, mine would be sweeter than hers.

Maybe that’s part of the fun in our macrobiotic kitchen. It’s more than a dish, more than a diet. It’s the romance. That’s the ticket. Marsha always says our kitchen is really a dance floor that just happens to have a stove in the middle of it. And it’s not unusual we find ourselves dancing at some point in the meal preparation. 

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