Monthly Archives: February 2013

Let’s Heal Digestion with Marsha Rueff Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

If you could improve your digestion health with one important Macrobiotic Cooking Class, wouldn’t you want to be there?? Here’s the deal! Macrobiotics point of view is so refreshing in dealing with digestive issues! It puts the ball in your court, and you get to see the cause of the problem, and once recognizing this, […]

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What is Macrobiotics and how does it stack up to other Fad Diets?

Welcome to the world of Macrobiotics, where food magically heals and recreates our health, where we learn about freedom and what it means to live our dreams. Is this the Land of Oz? Could be! Macrobiotics means Great Life, literally. Macro is Great, and Biotic is Life, all life. So what’s special about the Macrobiotic […]

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Travel Tips From a Unique Macrobiotic Cooking Class

You’re itinerary‘s perfection, car, hotel, entertainment, sight-seeing, including plenty of local color. But are you macro-ready? Am I what? Yep, are you prepared to eat well and within macrobiotic diet recommendations while away from your macrobiotic kitchen? There are a few parts to this puzzle. It’s do-able, easy, and well worth it. Why? Because you’ll […]

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