Let’s Heal Digestion with Marsha Rueff Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

Let’s Heal Digestion with Marsha Rueff Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

If you could improve your digestion health with one important Macrobiotic Cooking Class, wouldn’t you want to be there?? Here’s the deal! Macrobiotics point of view is so refreshing in dealing with digestive issues! It puts the ball in your court, and you get to see the cause of the problem, and once recognizing this, wow, with food and simple life style changes, voila, you are on to recovering your health again, and for some, getting back to LIFE! and Fun! That’s what it is for me!

Here, look at this. I’ll give you an inside view! If you haven’t yet seen The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health by Michio Kushi and Alex Jack, this is a must read. Pages 186-199! Full of information, and the basis of my class, sharing great research and understanding. Even testimonials, and quote from Dr. Andrew Weill’s success with patients. They have got it going on, and it’s so simple.

For example, and I’m sharing some of my notes with you for the class, but really I want to shout this out to the world. Mr. Kushi describes the Five Stages of Digestion so brilliantly. Brilliant? Because he starts with Cooking as the First Stage. Here look at this:

First Stage: Cooking – prepares the food for easier digestion.

Second Stage: Chewing – stimulates the release of digestive juices in the mouth.

Third Stage: Digestion – coordinates the smooth breakdown on nutrients in the digestive tract thru the release of acids by the stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and duodenum.

Fourth Stage: Absorption – assimilates metabolized food in the villi of the small intestine.

Fifth Stage: Transformation – transforms absorbed food into white and red blood cells, body cells, tissues, organs   and consciousness.

Now I ask you, how many of us thought of cooking as the first stage of digestion! Wow, that’s something to think about before we stop and pick up fast food to go, or order one of each desserts at our favorite restaurant, or plan a meal at home. So food selection and preparation – cooking – is the first step. In our macrobiotic cooking classes we are presenting you a fabulous menu for Late Summer getting close to the Fall time of year. This is the season we begin pampering our digestive organs, particularly stomach, pancreas and spleen, and just around the corner, spotlight’s on the intestine and lungs. All crucial to the Third Stage of digestion!

Let’s get crackin’! Schedule your Macrobiotic Cooking Class and we’ll have the menu  to address many digestive ailments Mr. Kushi addresses. Please know all our Macrobiotic Cooking Classes are Gluten-Free!

Kinpira Soup, delicious and very strengthening to the intestinal walls, kidneys and heart as well

Brown Rice Lotus Patties with Lotus Sauce, amazing combination for lungs and large intestines, and a great way to learn how to make Lotus Tea in case you have a cold this Fall or Winter!

Rice Balls, very strengthening to the intestinal walls and recommended for many conditions.

Nishime Vegetables with Kuzu Gravy, sweet veggies cooked in Kuzu’s magical nourishing ingredient our intestines adore. Talk about feeling better instantly ~ this’ll do it!

Steamed Greens with Pumpkin Seed Dressing’-it-up, a perfect way to soothe the passage of your food

Sweet Arame Sea Veggie Deluxe, Neptune’s gift to the world, replenishes minerals and flexibility throughout our healthier body, surprisingly sweet, and always my favorite dish!

And, drumroll now, please! In addition to the meal, we have 3 quick Natural Home Remedies,  giving relief and results you are seeking! And the only side effect is you feel better all over, above and beyond your digestive tract! And each remedy is made from ingredients you would already own in a macro kitchen! So easy and efficient~

Yuki Nabe, the ultimate Daikon Cleanse

Sho Ban Tea, soothes digestion because it alkalines our blood, so helps alleviate headaches too!

Ume Sho Kuzu Drink, strengthens blood, promotes good digestion, restores energy, also known as the Macrobiotic Antibiotic.

If you’ve been reading Alicia Silverstone’s book, The Kind Diet, you might remember some of the remedies she suggests! Now you can taste and see exactly how to make them! So we can design this class to promote your health, start your practice, or to continue learning. We are thrilled to bring you this information in just the right Season, and surely hope you take advantage of our special Macrobiotic Cooking Classes!

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