Dentist Appointment Drink

Dentist Appointment Drink

You’re in the dentist chair and your dentist starts asking do you have a heart condition or any implant surgery, and if you say yes, they will only proceed if you have taken antibiotics – or they may give you a high dosage of antibiotics right then so as not to lose chair time. What to do if you are preferring avoiding pharmaceutical medicines and their side affects?

On a Macrobiotic Diet it’s so easy! Three simple, magical words: ume sho kuzu!

What’s that? A very soothing drink, easily made, in about 7 minutes. Three ingredients plus water: umeboshi plum, shoyu – a special soy sauce, and kuzu – the harvested root of the kudzu plant.

And the added benefit: it’s very soothing for your nerve endings, so you are more relaxed for that probing needle, good for the gums – which reflect the condition of our intestines. So we always take this drink before any dental cleansing or other appointments. It just eases our comfort level with the additional probing and vibrational sensations of the cleansing tools and uncomfortable pressure of x-ray filming.

Just dissolve 1 teaspoon of kuzu in 1 cup cold spring or filtered water.

Bring to a boil, stirring continually to avoid lumping.

Add one-third umeboshi plum

Once the water becomes transparent, add 6 drops shoyu.

Drink while hot. Enjoy this drink daily two days before your appointment, and the day of your appointment. If your dentist procedure involved novocaine, carbocaine or other numbing medication, use this drink the following two days. We always feel better after taking it.


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  • 89500            Sakurazawa Shoyu 5 oz.                                   
  • 89333            Mitoku Umeboshi Plum 6 oz                                   
  • 89408            Mitoku Kuzu 3 oz                                               

For more information on the benefits of Ume Sho Kuzu, please check our website:

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