Jet Lag Drink

Jet Lag Drink

Summertime, and traveling other time zones may be on your agenda! Want to enjoy every vacation moment and eliminate jet lag? Sometimes a week ahead  of traveling to Europe we get to bed by 8 pm and awaken at 4 or 5 am so we’ll already be on European time. But this isn’t always easy, especially if you’re like me, with so much to do before leaving the country an extended time.

On a Macrobiotic Diet has a remedy! Three simple, magical words: ume sho kuzu!

What’s that? A very soothing drink, easily made, in about 7 minutes. Three ingredients plus water: umeboshi plum, shoyu – a special soy sauce, and kuzu – the harvested root of the kudzu plant.

  • Just dissolve 1 teaspoon of kuzu in 1 cup cold spring or filtered water.
  • Bring to a boil, stirring continually to avoid lumping.
  • Add one-third umeboshi plum
  • Once the water becomes transparent, add 6 drops shoyu. 


Drink while hot. Enjoy this drink daily two days before the trip, and the day of travel, and if possible the following two days. Repeat for your return home.

Especially at this present time with concern about flu and travel, the ume-sho-kuzu drink becomes a no-brainer for travel because it is considered the Macrobiotic Diet Antibiotic!

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  • 89500            Sakurazawa Shoyu 5 oz.                                   
  • 89333            Mitoku Umeboshi Plum 6 oz                                   
  • 89408            Mitoku Kuzu 3 oz                                               


For more information on the benefits of Ume Sho Kuzu, please check our website:

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