Macrobiotic Breakfasts

Macrobiotic Breakfasts

So, what’s special about a Macrobiotic breakfast! A Whole LOt! One of the first questions asked about the Macrobiotic Diet is: what do you eat for breakfast?? do you really have miso soup in the morning? What’s wrong with dry cereal and skim milk for breakfast?

Want the skinny on breakfast? Ever notice Dunkin’ Donuts logo: we get you up and keep you going! Sure do! All that sugar and caffeine, and guess what happens to our blood stream at 11:00 AM & 3:00 PM? Hypoglycemic dip ~ we are falling on our face, and needing what??? Another coffee break: latte, donuts, breakfast bars to get us going ‘til lunch.

And now, folks, here’s the Macro take on breakfast: providing sustainability. How would soaring energy til 12:30 or 1:00 fit your bill! Perform all morning, and be the wiz at work, home, home-schooling, driving without dozing, exercise/yoga/walk strongly. In other words, enjoy peak performance throughout your day.

Easily achieved with a macro breakfast: composed of a grain and a vegetable. Our rice and other whole grain, warm nourishing dish would keep the 3 bears and Goldilocks happy forever! And you too.

Delish and sweet without sugar, it’s so easily digested we can concentrate on tasks at-hand, rather than sluggishly, barely being able to navigate through the morning. Looking for the donut cart to peel around the corner. Vegetables for breakfast??? you ask. I know it seemed so different to me too, but just think about it. Veggies get the digestive tract moving, so what better time than first thing in the morning? And speaking about time, wanta know the best time for eating breakfast? Best before 8 am. Between 5-7 am

Some stellar breakfast ideas include:

Soft brown rice, sauteed greens and mushrooms, creamy corn grits, fried polenta squares, bancha tea. And for brunches with guests and special occasions, we have delightful cuisine without the sugar, eggs, dairy and gluten too! Take a look at this list: blueberry pancakes & blueberry sauce, mochi waffles and brown rice maple flavor syrup, tofu french toast & a little pan-fried dulse for those craving bacon, and macro cappuccino.

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