A Macro Girl’s Gotta Have Fun!

A Macro Girl’s Gotta Have Fun!

Do ever get out of the kitchen? How do you have a life, when cooking all the time?  Will you ever go to restaurants again? If you did, what can you eat out!

Yes, yes, and double yes! I’m not glued to my kitchen floor! ~ I do get out of the kitchen ~ I enjoy life and while I am grateful for being able to cook, we dine at restaurants & adore evenings out with friends and family.

I have errands too, but it’s really the daily walks either in our neighborhood, or a nearby natural setting at the Chattahoochee River I anticipate to take me out of the kitchen!

Prioritizing a walk, why?  Walking leisurely invigorates, balances our bodies, our minds, oxygenates our blood, sunnies us with Vitamin D, especially if we can expose our arms at least 15 minutes each day! I just feel refreshed all over, through and through!  And checking in with the beauty around us confirms our positive energies, especially if we get caught up listening to the daily news. These walks just take me away!

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