Atlanta Allergies Gotcha Down? Macrobiotic Cooking Classes with Marsha Rueff are your Ticket!

Atlanta Allergies Gotcha Down? Macrobiotic Cooking Classes with Marsha Rueff are your Ticket!

Atlanta Allergies gotcha down? Macrobiotic Cooking Classes with Marsha Rueff are your ticket!

Yes, you really can stop allergy symptoms. How do I know? Well, here’s a great story about a client of mine, who actually became interested in macrobiotics because both she and her husband were diagnosed with cancer. Her’s was a brain tumor, and his was throat. So you can imagine they were seriously taking my private macrobiotic cooking classes, and took all  the information to heart! They did it. Jumped in with both feet, and started both looking and feeling better instantly.

That particular year Atlanta’s prolific Spring abundantly doused our fair city with a record-breaking pollen count. Mid-April, about six weeks into the diet for this couple, she called me early in the morning, excitedly reporting, They’re gone! After asking who was calling, I answered, What’s gone? Do you want me to help you find them? And her laughing response told a great success story. No, I don’t want them back! It’s my allergies. They’re all gone, and I’ve been outdoors all morning. I don’t have allergies anymore! Great news we hear again and again! I call it the  side-benefit or side effects of being on a macrobiotic diet. Just think, this could be YOU calling! Excitedly screaming, they’re gone!

That’s right. Just six weeks or so on a macrobiotic diet, and you too can be allergy-free. It’s simple. Eliminate certain You foods you’re enjoying right now and lessen your allergic reaction to pollen. Of course macrobiotic cooking classes and learning to cook well are key, and your own health condition and constitution will impact the amount of time for relief to be yours. But the reward is so keen. Being free of itching, sneezing, medication, especially as we age. How wonderful to greet Spring without dreading health repercussions.

The macrobiotics view of taking allergy medication is: rather than curing the allergic condition, meds band-aid, giving temporary relief, covering up the condition, driving your condition deeper inside. Then what happens next year’s allergy season? Allergies worsen the next time around, requiring stronger and more meds. But that’s not all. As the medication actually drives one’s condition deeper inside, it actually weakens conditions, leading to bronchial issues, pneumonia and more.

This week my daughter called, and while we chatted I kept mentioning being outdoors walking and gardening, and the gorgeous gardens around our home. She stunned me answering, Mom, you and Dad really aren’t bothered by the pollen, are you? I realized how I just took this for granted. Especially this year with pollen counts ranking in record-breaking numbers, and Atlanta’s among the highest city on the list.

So if you’re wishing to break your allergy cycle right now,congratulations! The macrobiotic diet may just fit you to a tee! Pick up Alicia Silverstone’s awesome, new book, The Kind Diet,for a great overview and benefit of what’s in store for you! You’ll be fascinated, and that’s a promise.

Join our Macrobiotic Cooking Classes in Atlanta, group or private classes, and we’ll get you started on a wonderfully easy health routine! And you’ll begin humming Younger than Springtime, all over again!

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