Got Macrobiotic Diet Questions? Ask Macro Marsha

Got Macrobiotic Diet Questions? Ask Macro Marsha

Whether you are newly researching the Macrobiotic Diet for yourself or a friend or loved one, and your questions start piling up, where do you go for your important questions???

Some just aren’t in the Macrobiotic Diet books, even though your queries have probably come up time and again.

Just email your question to, and I will answer you promptly!

Every question is important, and let me assure you, I always say if I could succeed with this Macrobiotic Diet, everyone else can too! No one could have been more overwhelmed in the beginning than I. And I had to learn quickly to help my husband recover from heart disease. Most importantly though, I had to learn this well, and continue being on the leading edge of this ever evolving way of life.

So, where have I learned these answers, if they aren’t even in the macrobiotic diet books?

From macrobiotic cooking classes with very special senior macrobiotic counselors, study at the Kushi Institute, and the six years I conducted the group consultations for Michio Kushi at the Kushi Summer Conferences. All invaluable information. And if your question is new for me, I’ll find you the answer, or the best contact for you to call.

 Besides, my teaching background is the clue for your success. When I taught literature my students never earned below an A? When they did, I just had them rewrite their papers, retake their exams, reread the book, and they learned they could succeed. During the process they came to love the literature they were reading, but mostly they came to like themselves through the process. And the best part, so many more of my students furthered their education at the college level than ever planned in this particular community.

So, how does this apply to Y-O-U, and your experience with the Macrobiotic Diet? Success! That’s the key, your success! Yep, if I could do this, and do it well, Y-O-U

C-A-N! Just email where it’s all about you!





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