Bancha Tea Benefits

Bancha Tea Benefits

You’ve sipped Green tea at the Chinese and Japanese restaurants, usually in the teeny cups they keep refilling over and over again. And this may or may not affect your sleep depending on your other intake of caffeine for that day. Yes, there is caffeine in this tea, although it’s less than coffee, but present. It’s from the leaf of the plant, and for those of you fortunate to have experienced Japanese Tea Serving you may have learned all about those special green leaves, and seen them crushed into the fine powders.

Well, on a Macrobiotic Diet there’s something even better than that! Bancha Twig Tea! And it has only miniscule caffeine – which means it’s there, but almost undetectable, especially the best Mitoku quality. And it’s helpful for so many conditions.

The loose twigs make a wonderful drink, and actually assists digestion. Just boil 5-7 minutes, to a light brown shade and enhanced aroma. Please enjoy in the morning, and I often take a thermos with me for the day when I’m away from home.

Need a more relaxing drink? Add a little apple juice, and voila, feel the tension melt away in your shoulder blades.

Feel the beginning of a headache coming? Add up to 6 drops shoyu (Macrobiotic Diet recommended soy sauce) to a drinking cup, and pour the tea over the shoyu. Now this is amazing. As the tea disperses the shoyu throughout the cup, guess what? When you drink this Sho Ban Tea, your blood is alkalined and the symptoms of the headache disperse and poof, vanishes! I keep a small bottle of shoyu at my desk, and have helped myself and other clients numerous times.

Do you sometimes get a sore throat or laryngitis? Gargle with salted bancha tea throughout the day, and you’ll nip it in the bud!

Travel with Bancha Twig Tea bags wherever you go! I had them at the beach years ago when I ran into a stingray, and guess what our Senior Macrobiotic Counselor Warren Kramer had me soak my foot in? Yep, Bancha Tea. It took the poison right out of my foot, so there I was the Marco Island Hilton hotel, foot in sink, soaking in bancha tea, while I sipped my Sho Ban for the trauma of the sting, and I was out dancing that very same night!

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