Cookin’ Class Valuable

Cookin’ Class Valuable

• Why spend the fee for a macrobiotic cooking class? Or class series?

• Aren’t I better off just to buy the food and the macrobiotic cookbooks?

Oh my gosh, these are important and life-changing questions! I personally know this because Macrobiotic Diet Cooking Classes certainly changed the lives of my dear husband and me ~ in so many, grateful ways!

I always say, learn the most you can about Macrobiotics cooking. Be ready when the occasion arises for you to help someone close to you, or even yourself! You’ll know what to do. ‘specially an Emergency. That is hardly the time to have to learn from scratch! It’s best to have ingredients, the remedy know-how, and the top-notch counselor guiding you through the crisis. Be prepared – that’s the Boy Scouts’ Marching Song!

12 years ago I received a crisis call from someone in the Atlanta Macrobiotic Community. We went over to her home, and heard the diagnosis: a brain tumor. She said, I’ll be fine. I have all the macrobiotic books.

But what I saw scared me; books looking brand new, she had never opened them. When she asked me if it’s okay to use her 2-year old tofu she had kept in the freezer, my heart sank. This was not the time to learn. I offered to cook for her.

The best Macrobiotic counselors and teachers all say your health begins in the kitchen – please take excellent macrobiotic cooking classes!

Our classes offer you something special! You actually get the Mr. Kushi up-to-date-leading-edge-version of the Macrobiotic Diet! The most advanced techniques Michio Kushi re-taught about 7 years ago at the Kushi Institute to a small group of eight. The following week Senior Counselor & Macrobiotic Teacher, Warren Kramer, brought that seminar straight to Atlanta! All the nuances and changes. All the information Mr. Kushi taught because he saw teachers straying from really fine cooking.

Totally awesomse macrobiotic cooking classes right here in Atlanta.

Maybe even worth your taking a trip to Atlanta! Just $45 per class.

And what about learning from the cookbooks! Goodness, Aveline Kushi exclaim, we wrote those books as guides for the teachers. Macrobiotics was never meant to be learned from a book, but shown and shared. Same as we learned from mothers and grandmothers.

Why learn this? To improve your day-to-day health, and heighten benefits from eating according to macrobiotic diet suggestions. I really get a kick out of cooking the best way, and our food tasting delectable. Like when you got the A+ and the extra credit on a paper you worked with all your heart! Remember! So that’s why the fee is worth every penny. All the insights, finding out why suggestions make a difference, learning short cuts, and even where to make the best purchases. Like the tale of the fisherman? Give a man a fish and he’ll have one meal. Teach a man to fish and he has food for all his life. Well, the class fee is for all life, and a chance for a fine life with good health to enjoy your dreams.

Our private classes, one-on-one, provide complete hands-on experiences when our client is well enough: I start cutting a vegetable, and the client completes it. So when this client leaves the class, she’s basically prepared the dish! That’s ideal. 

Group classes differ because of the quantity needed for tasting.  I prep each dish, setting aside sample cuts to show the class with every vegetable used. In this way each participant watches the preparation, even though it’s not a hands-on. There is still great value and understanding, and you will be able to duplicate the process at home!

So we’re going to ask you to buy the books, attend the classes and happily pay a small fee to cook this wonderful way as you create a very rich, healthy and happy life!

Please check out our cooking class schedule on our website,  Our cooking classes are wonderful for beginners as well as long-time macrobiotic diet practitioners to brush up on their techniques! Whichever end of this spectrum we belong, just like the song, always, we can pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and start all over again! 

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