Kids and Macrobiotic Diet

Kids and Macrobiotic Diet

In every macrobiotic cooking class when kids are still within the home, my clients ask, what do I feed my children? It’s a huge concern. Young women diagnosed with breast and other cancers, and researching alternative cancer treatments, invariably worry this dilemma. Realizing they want to change their eating, but not wanting to make waves within their home. Not wanting to impose their needs on their husband and not wanting to worry their children or make any noticeable fuss at home.

In fact, Warren Kramer, our senior Macrobiotic Counselor says one of the reasons young mothers get sick, and often develop breast cancer is they don’t take the time to take care of themselves; they are so busy taking care of everyone else.

I always encourage them to cook one way. Let the family eat macro too. Kids adore this food. It’s nothing new under the sun. Macrobiotic diet goes way back to eating a more natural, common sense cooking style, like our great, great, great grandparents. Before packaged food. Before frozen foods. Before microwave and health bars. True food, cooked well, but not overcooked. Actually it’s exquisitely prepared cuisine.

Ever heard the expression: the person wearing the apron strings in the home controls the health of the family? That’s the ticket! While your children are still living at home, you get the perfect chance to influence and improve their health. What better gift for your spouse and children than to effectuate the way they eat. You’ll get to improve your kids’ food choices for all the times in their lives away from home – school, camp, college, restaurants just to name a few.

As you experience benefits of your macrobiotic diet firsthand, you will learn even more reasons to feed your family the same balanced meals you eat. Letting your kids assist you in the kitchen truly lets them participate in your healing process in a very personal and special way. They will feel better too. Skin problems, fatigue, easier concentration at school, improved athletic performance are just a few of the benefits they will enjoy right away. I always say, as you see them improve, you’ll know you are on the right track too.

And your spouse. Well, some of my clients say, my husband is wonderful and supportive, but he’s a meat and potato man. Okay, but he’s your biggest cheerleader too, your partner, so invite him to participate. When you set up your kitchen, set up two complete workstations: 2 wood cutting boards and 2 chef’s knives. And double some of the other kitchen gadgets you learn to use in our macrobiotic cooking classes. And voila, you immediately have a partner in the kitchen! What I call romancing the stone after Michael Douglas’s films. Our CD’s are nearby, and we always have a favorite song we are dancing to. Kids enjoy this too. I always say our kitchen is really a wonderful dance floor that just happens to have a stove in the middle of it!

Just have a taste, or try this, honey, it’s so delicious. New phrases for introducing dishes to your family. One of my clients had a everyone has to taste everything on the plate rule. When they did, a quarter went into this huge jar. When the jar filled they went on a trip somewhere. Or did something special. You should have heard her sons urging each other to try the food! And some 14 years later her health has improved, and all three sons & their wives eat very healthy. And their own children. You can snowball this very same effect.

And what a wonderful legacy to give your family. I think it’s the best information we’ve given our own children, and set the pace for future generations. And it’s been very empowering when health issues arise to be able to reach for The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health, by Michio Kushi and Alex Jack, and tell our daughters what page a specific home remedy is on. If a situation is new to me, I suggest a call to Warren Kramer for his advice. Because we’ve established that direct tie with our children and Warren too.  I’ve gotta say strengthening the bond with your kids & your Macrobiotic Counselor has to be one of the most satisfying moments of all! And one of the greatest benefits of our being on a Macrobiotic Diet! Getting our kids on it too! This is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children: their ability to choose foods for a healthy lifestyle.

Title: Sharing your Macrobiotic Diet with your Kids & Spouse is a great gift Benefits Everyone!

Description: Letting your children & spouse eat with you on your macrobiotic diet benefits them as well, & greatly supports you. As they participate & assist you, learning healthy food choices benefits them all their lives!



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