Kids Jump All Aboard a Fun Macrobiotic Kitchen Ride

Kids Jump All Aboard a Fun Macrobiotic Kitchen Ride

Let me tell you about our daughter Karyn. When our granddaughter, Brittany, was 18 months old, Karyn called me saying, I just gave Brittany her first macrobiotic cooking lesson! She cut the vegetables, stirred the food, measured the water, added the rice, and made gomashio!

Music to my ears. With all the love we have for our children and grandchildren, it’s so gratifying to know they are choosing healthy foods and lifestyle. And even teaching the next generation when kids adore playing in the kitchen with mommy! When it’s fun!

Karyn’s pantry and fridge contain all the foods on a macrobiotic diet, plus some traditional items for company. And her children know the difference. When Brittany was about 2 she declared in a children’s music group her favorite food was TOFU! All the other children claimed french fries, chicken wings or pizza. Macrobiotic food, as you learn in macrobiotic cooking classes, is very tasty, and kids love that genuine taste and aroma. It smells so good is a familiar comment when newcomers enter a macrobiotic kitchen.

Brittany and her sister, Alyssa, often participate in meal preparation, and even help select recipes, browsing macrobiotic cookbooks for some new, yummy dish. They have taken many Whole Foods cooking classes for kids, even the week-long summer camp. Assisting in these classes as well. Age 10, Brittany and Alyssa, 8,  have each assisted during Warren Kramer’s cooking classes at our home, truly contributing. Kids love to help, and teaching them cooking skills while they are young and helping is fun for them, is key!

So what macrobiotic dishes are perfect kid-starters? Scrambled tofu – you get to scrunch up the tofu in your hands, and chop the veggies. Mochi waffles with Suzanne’s Maple Rice Syrup. Tempeh and seitan, deep-fried! Pasta salads with pickles and olives, blanched veggies, and yummy dressing. Kanten fruit desserts blended into a strawberry mousse or orange soufflé. Creamy pureed vegetable soups without the cream. Nori rolls with almond butter, cucumbers and whatever else your kids like. Fried fish, hummus dip and crunchy veggies. Tempura everything! Parsley’s the best, broccoli and other greens, even nori rolls. Kids love stirring the batters, and let them be inventive! Even if you are on a stricter diet, they might add coconut or healthy rice crispies to roll the battered seitan. And what a treat!

You’ll want to buy the tiny iwachu iron pot with a wood lid for the deep frying. Sometimes we just keep ours on the stove. Best price is from , 877 . 594 . 8506. Just $24, plus shipping. You definitely want the small size which uses less oil.

Kid’s school lunches! Let ‘em look like everyone’s. Sandwich, fruit, noodles, hummus and blanched veg, nori roll if they are comfortable with it. With all the sushi and nori rolls prepared at food stores today, this macrobiotic favorite way of carrying rice and veggies fits right in.  And when your kids arrive home, welcome them with a hearty dish to tide them over for dinner. Leftover warm soup & steamed sourdough bread may perfectly suits a cold afternoon. Or if driving directly to an after-school activity, bring a favorite dish in the car. Pasta and sauce, fried tofu, warm apple juice, fried seitan, thermos of warm bancha tea. Honor their requests!

And making meals easier for your new attendees! Sometimes your youngsters get inquistive, asking what’s for dinner? I always just answer dinner. Especially if your kids show any resistance. Learn their favorites, and include them often!

Relax, have fun with the macrobiotic foods and let your kids have a fun ride on your new regime for health. Everyone benefits in the long run, and what wonderful peace of mind, knowing your children have the best quality food, and healthy horizons ahead! That’s Everything!

Great macrobiotic books for families with kids:

Macro Magic for Kids and Parents, by Sheri-Lynn Demaris and Nicholas L. Cerchio, Nov 1, 2009

The Macrobiotic Community Cookbook, byAndrea Bliss Lerman features kids favorites made in the macrobiotic cooking style: pizza, stoganoff, lasagne, burrito, millet-cauliflower mashed potatoes that make perfect potato pancakes, without any potatoes at all. And lots more.

Sweet and Natural, by Meredith McCarty features 120 desserts without sugar, eggs, butter, cream and yeast. Pies, tarts, cakes, cookies – everyone delights in these recipes.

Grains and Greens from the Deep Blue Sea, by Mark Hanna and Sandy Purkel features recipes from the Macrobiotic Cruise. Each one becomes your new favorite! So get ready to try them all! The Millet Croquets taste just like tuna fish, and the tartar sauce is amazing! The desserts are wow! Can this really be good for us! Yes indeedy!

Cooklets by Melanie Waxman. All Melanie’s recipes are terrific, and you might want to get the complete bound issue. Having seven children of her own, Melanie has excellent recipes for children in Cooking for Children section, and throughout all the cooklets! Try the Soba Knots in Oodles of Noodles! With 7 children of her own, Melanie is the expert  keeping kids interested in their health eats!

Cooking the Whole Foods Way, by Christina Pirello. Delish cuisine, kids will enjoy & request their favorites!

Cook Your Food to the Life You Want, by Christina Pirello. Christina Pirello’s recipe books are quite excellent, as she has taken traditional European recipes and perfected the macrobiotic conversion for you.  Amazing variety to delight all your family!

Join Warren as he teaches the wonderful Kids Cooking Class and Presentation, Saturday March 23, 2013 Fun Foods for Kids. Here’s Warren’s description: Children crave delicious comfort foods. Kids of all ages adore these dishes. Featuring favorites you’ll prepare again and again, by your kid’s request! This macrobiotic cooking class in from 10 am – 1 pm. The fee is $50 per person and includes a delicious meal. Following the class, is Warren’s presentation, entitled Raising Healthy Children: understanding their Unique Needs. Warren focuses on children’s specific wants and needs to have fun, be healthy and full of energy. He introduces a delicious and playful approach to parents so kids can enjoy natural foods. Presentation follows cooking class at 1:15 pm to 2:45 pm, and the fee is $30. Save the Date, and enjoy this special opportunity to enhance your children’s health!

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