Learn Nabe Cooking!

Learn Nabe Cooking!

That’s perfectly right! This awesome Nabe Cooking is just as Gluten-Free as you wanna make it! So, if you’ve been enchanted by the idea of vegan or macrobiotic cooking directly at your table, for 2 or company, and gluten-free is a criteria for you – look no more! Call it Nabe, Hooto, Shabu-Shabu, we’ll cover it all, and this class features completely vegan, macrobiotic and gluten-free organic ingredients!

How’s that possible you ask??? Simple. We’ll be cooking Jovial Brown Rice  pasta, and if you prefer no flour choice at all, why, we’ll have freshly hulled brown rice just for you! Next, hmmm, seasoning. Okay, here’s the scoop: in Nabe dining, guess what! You season your own bowl! So, we’ll have 3 different levels of Macrobiotic Mitoku Shoyu for you, or the barley free San-J, and if that’s still not within your guidelines, well, there is Si Salt, Sea Salt, gomashio & shichimi. So, your meal will have a very delicious flavor.

And vegetables galore! They are truly the kingpin of this meal, plus a few garnishes, all within realm of  gluten-free! Goodness, you wouldn’t want me to give away all the loveliness of this divine meal!

So, here’s what one of my clients told me about her Nabe experience: I made Nabe for my parents, and suddenly the room became so quiet, and we were all so relaxed as we were enjoying the meal! Yep, that’s the purpose and result of Nabe Cooking: it relaxes us deep within, creating a lovely warmth inside & out. And isn’t this exactly what each of us can use in our busy, busy lives. Relaxing, feeling warmth in this snowy, cold season. Anyone remember Simon & Garfinkle singing, slow down, you’re moving too fast! Maybe they were going out for Shabu Shabu, Nabe!

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