Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

We have clients study the Macrobiotic Diet with us from around the world. South Africa, Japan, Holland, Dubais – and we may be in your backyard right here in Georgia! So take advantage of our Macrobiotic Diet Cooking Classes, both private and group classes. Have a busy schedule? We tailor our classes to your availability. This is all about YOU!

As you participate in our Macrobiotic Kitchen, chopping, seeing where to store your ingredients, pots to purchase, healthier cleaning supplies, everything seems easy, do-able!

Visit our list of suggested stores on your way home, and you have instant macro kitchen at your address too!

A bit of background on this teaching I do. Really, I never thought I would teach the Macrobiotic Diet. My purpose in learning it well was to help my husband’s recovery from the painful ordeal of heart surgery. There was so much to learn. I read Macrobiotic Diet books constantly. Fred used to ask me, aren’t you ever going to read anything else?

I treated this study like my graduate studies at University of Michigan. Always my nose in books! When the person teaching the Macrobiotic Diet in Atlanta suddenly stopped teaching, Fred asked me, when are you going to start teaching Macrobiotics because someone has to do it here?And guess what? Fred asked me daily until my original no changed to yes, now I’m ready to try it. I was ready to give back for all we had learned, and for all we were grateful.

So here’s my criteria for your classes: cooking for the Macrobiotic Diet has to be fun, quick, easy and delicious! And we begin your success with Macrobiotics!

Want to meet first before committing to classes? Okay – online, over the phone,  or a meet & greet – we want to make this easy for you. Just email and we’ll make it happen. Before you know it, you too will be well on your way with this wonderful Macrobiotic Diet!

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