Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

One of the most important questions is, where do I go for macrobiotic cooking classes?

You want the most experienced teacher you can find. At Atlanta Macrobiotics we are lucky bringing Warren Kramer 4 times a year, and cooking with Warren and his delightful wife, Fatim, during the week they are in Atlanta. So what’s so special about this? If you were here, you’d hear Warren continually telling changes, no we do this. Or we always do it this way, or use a new shoyu or different miso. As Macrobiotics is an ever-evolving diet. Learning these new preparations are significant opportunities to improve your health whether you are new to macrobiotics or long-time macrobiotic practitioner.

We have opened our home serving the Atlanta Macrobiotic Community with Macrobiotic Cooking Classes since 1992!  It’s been our way to give back for all the wonderful benefits Fred and I have felt in our journey towards health. Now it’s your turn! We invite, and welcome to join the many new friends we greet every year, within our well-designed macro kitchen.

 You’ll see the tricks of our trade! Utensils, cooking pots, how and where to store everything for efficiency and time-saving techniques. We receive rave reviews from clients who, on their return home, are able to achieve a great boost to their own macrobiotic practice.

That’s all we’re about! Making this new way of lifestyle and diet easy, fun, quick-er, and delicious for you. Making it accessible. Making it yours. At Atlanta Macrobiotics it’s all about Y-O-U!

Please call for our private cooking class arrangements, group cooking classes. We also invite you to bring a group of friends together, and we’ll do the teachin’! Together we can rock your world forward to a healthier, wonderful journey!

We look forward to schedule special time with you!

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