Macrobiotic Cooking Classes on Home Remedies

Macrobiotic Cooking Classes on Home Remedies

Macrobiotic home remedy classes are just as about as important as learning miso soup, brown rice, beans and & greens!

LIke the Crown Jewel of Macrobioitics! Why?

Remedies are amazing combinations of macro food already on the shelves of our kitchen.

Only, we might never think of preparing them to help us overcome fever, pain, hasten cuts healing, menstrual cramping, severe bruises from a fall, severe headaches ~ even migraines, jet lag, medicating for a dental appointment, & much more, til you learn it in a class! Then you know! Your confidence level just measured, yep, I can do this! Easily!

Warren Kramer explains taking conventional medicines band-aid a situation. Rather than heal it from within, medicines actually drive the condition deeper into our body. But macrobiotic home remedies hasten healing, and change the direction of our health.

Taking a Home Remedy Class is really special, and important for those new to macrobiotics. You’ll already own great tools – the ingredients in your kitchen! Knowing how to use them right from the start of your practicing macro will step up your ante! So call us for a private class to learn the home remedies, and please watch for our group classes on Home Remedies, as well.

It’s so much better knowing how to make these remedies well, before you, or someone you love, need them. Then, you’ll be the expert. And sure, you’ll follow directions, but you won’t be learning it from scratch at an emergency! It’s so much easier to observe an experiment in a cooking class mode, than on yourself or family member when they are in pain, don’cha think?

And you’ll become the expert offering your 2 cents on The Kind Life Website of Alicia Silverstone, and suddenly everyone knows your preferred home remedy! Alicia refers to Carrot-Daikon Tea, which you’ll be sampling, too!

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