Macrobiotic Diet Primers

Macrobiotic Diet Primers

Untitled1These titles provide a digestible overview to cooking the Macrobiotic Diet. These books gently present background and information regarding a macrobiotic way of health, thoughtfully and practically. Of course, the pages are filled with delectable recipes.

Please note, however, the macrobiotic diet never was meant to be learned from books. To understand and know how to prepare the foods for the best results, hands’-on cooking lessons are recommended. Macrobiotics was always meant to be shown & shared.


  • •            The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health, by Michio Kushi and Alex Jack. Since starting macrobiotics, I’ve longed for a macro encyclopedia! This it IT! Up-dated info on just about every health condition, menus, recipes & home remedies. A must for every home.
  • •            The Self-Healing Cookbook: A Macrobiotic Primer for Healing Body, Mind and Moods With Whole Natural Foods, by Kristina Turner. User-friendly with sketches & explanations!
  • •            The Complete Guide to Macrobiotic Cooking, by Aveline Kushi. Comprehensive book from the “Shakespeare” of macrobiotics, Aveline describes growing up in Japan and the foundation for macrobiotics. Recipes for everything – you can always rely on this “bible” of macro cooking.
  • •            The Macrobiotic Community Cookbook, by Andrea Lerman & Vicki Hudon. Many recognizable recipes with a macro twist.
  • •            Sugar Blues, by William Dufty. Amazing information to help lighten your sweet-tooth!
  • •            Rice is Nice, by Wendy Esko. 108 Ways to prepare grains, & organize your cooking, quickly!
  • •            Sweet and Natural, Meredith McCarty. 120 Delectable Desserts without sugar! Enjoy!


Marsha Rueff has been an assistant to Michio Kushi for his group consultations during six consecutive Kushi International Summer Conferences. For 18 years, Marsha taught classes individually and in groups to familiarize novices to experts in the joys of macrobiotic cooking and the suggested manner of food preparation. Marsha works closely with top macrobiotic consultants including Warren Kramer. Marsha prepares delicious meals in a quiet healing and relaxing setting. With years of background in home arrangements and feng shui, Marsha specializes in kitchen organization and on-site lessons in your home.

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