Macrobiotic Leftovers Class

Macrobiotic Leftovers Class

Sometimes we purposely want ‘em, and sometimes they just show up by mistake, but we all have leftover’s sometimes. No matter how carefully we plan our recipes and cooking quantities. Now the trick, especially when cooking for ultimate health, and even to overcome a serious illness, is learning to deliciously prepare leftovers!

My Creative Use of Leftovers Macrobiotic Cooking Class is certainly an important way to stretch our food budget. Especially buying organic foods, and high quality Macrobiotic products, we want to use all the food we’ve prepared! And when you can truly enjoy your left-over dishes, you have a win-win, all the way!

Some diehards just toss everything out, but I even heard Michio Kushi, time and again in group and private consultations, suggest using leftover grain for breakfast porridge. Even to very ill clients. He had a reason. Maybe several.

First of all, it sure makes breakfast a whole lot easier to handle early in the morning if your grain dish is already welcoming you to your kitchen from it’s trusty little pot! Good morning to you too, dear Grain! Thanks for being here, and making my morning a little quicker! Guess the second reason. Would you believe easier digestibility? Yep, that’s it. As your grain sits overnight on your counter, covered by a bamboo sushi mat, it’s actually beginning to ferment, thus making it even more digestible than when freshly made.

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