Macrobiotic Meals to Go!

Macrobiotic Meals to Go!

Macrobiotic Meals in Atlanta is very easy! Freshly cooked meals prepared daily, ready for you, using the highest quality macrobiotic and organic ingredients, centrally located in Dunwoody, Georgia, near GA 400. Usually ready by noon, each meal contains a home-made soup, grain dish and several vegetable dishes, including many amazing macrobiotic specialty dishes, all designed to increase your health and energy level!

So get ready to feel and look your best eating well. Increase your energy, shed those extra pounds, start your journey in the direction of health. The great attribute about the Macrobiotic Diet is its being based on yin and yang, and energetics – a diet about how it makes you feel when you eat this food. What is your energy like? Call 678.643.5662, order some meals, and see how wonderfully you can begin to feel again!

Visiting Atlanta from out of town? We often have clients traveling from other cities, and even abroad, who wish to stay with their macrobiotic diet. We are ready to accommodate you in every way, and greatly look forward to your requests.

Visit Marsha Rueff at to learn more about these delicious macrobiotic meals ready for you!

Title: Macrobiotic Diet Meals are ready for you in Atlanta, Georgia!

Description: Eating Macrobiotic Diet Meals is easy with Marsha Rueff’s fresh daily meals ready to pick up, featuring the finest macrobiotic and organic ingredients!

Of course, the best macrobiotic food you can have is the dishes you learn to make within your own home. Treat yourself to Marsha’s range of macrobiotic cooking classes, especially the private classes that are designed specifically for your health journey. Macrobiotic cooking should be fun, quick, delicious and easy, and that’s my purpose throughout your macrobiotic cooking classes!  And until you have time to learn how to cook using Macrobiotic guidelines, you can already enjoy rebounding health eating Marsha’s balanced meals. Just use them to supplement your cooking as you are learn macrobiotic cooking. 

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