Try the Macrobiotic Diet before Stomach Reduction Surgery

Try the Macrobiotic Diet before Stomach Reduction Surgery

Just a note about stomach reduction surgery.

This surgery is a very drastic and permanent measure for what very well may be a temporary and reversible situation. The people I personally know who have had this surgery were originally told it could be reversed whenever they would elect to do so, only to later find out they were not candidates for that reversal surgery. The ramifications are huge in terms of disturbing the digestive enzymes and naturally phases of digestion. This surgery not only affects the stomach, but every organ of the body related to digestion and waste removal: including the liver, pancreas, bladder, kidney and spleen.

Recently we met a client diagnosed with severe diabetes and considering stomach reduction surgery. Once he learned how easy it is for a person’s bloodstream to alkaline by changing his diet, he changed his tune. We explained how eating foods recommended on the macrobiotic diet allows the pancreas/blood sugar to function with normalcy once again. And as his eating amounts leveled, he would have every opportunity to heal. He actually began to feel improvements within 2 days, and is very grateful for his choosing Macrobiotics over stomach reduction surgery. Within macrobiotic guidelines it’s easy to reach optimum weight levels once enjoyed around age 18, with very generous portions of food, and very satisfying meals.

Please contact us for more information, and learn how to streamline the Macrobiotic Diet for your specific health situation. We really want to help you succeed and feel just wonderful again, and quickly so! We have such amazing recovery stories of our clients who had very severe diabetes, and other complications, who came off all medication and are doing very well, all within a very short time-frame. Please contact  for cooking classes, meals-to-go, consultations, full coaching programs in the Atlanta, Georgia area. 

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