Macrobiotics by Weight

Macrobiotics by Weight

How do you judge portions of grain, veggies, soup, sea vegetables, beans and all the other vegetables on the Macrobiotic Diet suggested listing?

Well, let’s see how that pie chart translates to your dinner plate? If you’re figure 50% grain and your plate swarms half full of rice, it’s way too much. Why? Because these figures are based on weight, and whole grain really being the heaviest of these food groups, will take the least space on your plate. In fact the small rice bowls typically measure about 3/4 to 1 cup. Sometimes I eat a bit more.

Beans too, just about 3 tablespoons, and the same for sea veggies, or it’s just too much mineralization.

So what gets the largest volume? Greens! The broom sweeping our intestinal walls, and other wonderful vegetables. These together compile half the plate.

The other items filling out the macrobiotic diet chart are the soups, teas, condiments lightly sprinkled so you can still see your grain!

Within the occasional column of this chart are fish, nuts, seeds, fruit prepared to suit each person’s condition and health with appropriate amounts recommended.

A wonderful book to have on your Macrobiotic Book Shelf is The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health, by Michio Kushi and Alex Jack, which covers quantities as well as explaining cooking styles.

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