Mother Earth and Macrobiotics

Mother Earth and Macrobiotics

Today’s many young vegetarians amaze me. The conscious choice of the young generation who avoid eating meat and meat products grows each year. They are quite informed on their own, and many are choosing this way of eating even though it differs from their parents. They’ve learned some incredible statistics about water and grain being used for growing cattle, that otherwise could be used to feed populations around the world. They’ve noted how vegetarian farming alone could feed the world’s population and avoid the huge water shortage we face in the years ahead.

So it’s good news for those of you beginning a macrobiotic diet, knowing our food selection greatly supports Mother Earth! Macrobiotic food selection prefers organic farming which substantiates soil, rather than depleting our farmland. Avoiding both meat and poultry, we are not perpetuating the problems raising these animals creates for our planet. Using water, land, grains and other foods that could be used throughout the world to feed the starving human population. Not to mention introducing hormones and improper animal food into the food chain.

The Macrobiotic Diet, as you will learn in macrobiotic cooking classes, asks to avoid meat and cheese, poultry and eggs, as well as all soft dairy. Soft dairy, what’s that? Everything made from milk – cow milk. When we think about it, for whom was that milk originally meant? You guessed it. The baby calf, and usually only for 4-6 months, depending on the farmer’s set-up. And if that baby calf’s milk grows a 2000 pound carcass, don’t you think that’s maybe too much for human’s physique?

This means all those soft dairy products in our grocer’s dairy section are really not meant for human consumption: butter, cream cheese, sour cream. And diet versions: margarine, cottage cheese, yoghurt. Even frozen yoghurt. The soft dairy adversely affects us above the waist, creating problems with our lungs, breast, thyroid and throat.  Poultry, meat and cheese affect us around and below the waist creating problems with our pancreas, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, reproductive organs and  intestines.

Why can we say this? Because the soft dairy is more expansive, or more yin, with energy rising upwards, and poultry, meat and cheese have dense, heavy yang energetics with a downward movement. So eliminating these foods on a macrobiotic diet leads us in the direction of health for ourselves as well as helping Mother Earth. A perfect win-win combination!

Title: Macrobiotic diet greatly helps mother earth! Wow! We’re eating green!

Description: Macrobiotic Diet recommendations supports Mother Earth with organic farming, eliminating poultry, meat and dairy products, while improving our health simultaneously! 

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