Pre-Op Room, Macro and Healing Touch!

Pre-Op Room, Macro and Healing Touch!

We changed Fred’s St. Joseph Hospital Pre-Op Room to the Smoochey-Choochey Cranio-Sacral & Shiatsu Massage Palm Healing Institute, or Let Me See Honey, How I Best Prepare Your Healing this Emergency Hernia 3rd Time-around Surgery. We surely weren’t planning this for the Father-of-the-Bride with our daughter’s engagement party just 3 weeks out!  And a 5-hour flight to San Francisco just 2 weeks out.

Once more our knowledge of the Macrobiotic Diet boosted Fred’s recovery with lightening speed, and we are ever so grateful to Senior Counselor William Spear, Litchfield, Connecticut for his guidance.

So each time a nurse or doc entered the Pre-op Room I was bent over Fred in some position with the ear pull and massage or my hands cupping his abdomen – always the left underneath, right on top, massaging his feet, or cupping his heels. Fred drifted in and out deep sleep, remaining relaxed, breathing deeply. We only met the surgeon the previous morning and he rearranged his schedule to slide Fred in first thing in the morning – so here we were with a wait on our hands.  Why not make the most of my hands with this special massage, which has such healing results. Cranio-Sacral massage propels the pineal fluid to smoothly ride it’s full wave all around the spine, and this promotes natural healing. Even when you are worried about your beloved’s health and the pending surgery, may as well make the most of your time together with sweet kisses, and gentle hands stroking healing touches. That’s what I always say! It’s so much easier feeling you are doing something to help heal, rather than being caught up in anxiety waiting creates.

We had been diligent the day prior to this unexpected surgery too. Bill said not to eat after 10pm, although the doc’s office just said mid-night. And miso soup at dinner prepared Fred for the medication he would be given this morning, as well as a special drink used on the Macrobiotic Diet Ume Sho Kuzu. Nicknamed the Macrobiotic Antibiotic!

It uses the harvested root of the kudzu plant, and the special pickled apricot plus naturally fermented shoyu sauce, this home remedy drink boosts the immune system, as it alkalines the blood. I would prepare another round of both when we arrive home this afternoon. Yes, hernia surgery these days is out-patient, even if the patient has a heart condition, so we were being careful in every aspect.

So the Bonus Payoff was astounding! Fred’s coloring and alertness after surgery was better than we could imagine! Thank you Fuji for teaching me advanced cranio-sacral techniques each time you visited Atlanta! Yes! And William Spear for the soft food suggestions for Fred’s meals. I inquired about Brown Rice Cream, and Bill had said no, just soft foods, and vegetables more well-cooked than you normally prepare. No beans for a while, and no white fish til the first bowel passed. Kantens to help soften the stool. He even said to add kanten flakes to the Barley Tea to help that softening process.

And at home, I gave Fred more massage throughout the day and evening. While he read, and slept. Cranio-Sacral penetrates even more deeply while the recipient sleeps, deepening that sleep.

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