The Magic of Ume Sho Kuzu

The Magic of Ume Sho Kuzu

There is a magical remedy drink within the Macrobiotic Diet that comes up again and again. I love sharing it with clients, and learning how much it benefits them afterwards.

Ume Sho Kuzu which Mr. Kushi and Alex Jack alphabetically suggest for 41 conditions from anemia to upper digestive cancers, and other conditions in their book The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health. So what does this amazing drink actually do? They explain it strengthens our blood, promotes healthy digestion by healing the intestinal and stomach lining, and restores energy. Well of course! If we heal these three categories: blood, intestines and stomach, our energy has to improve! This is healing from deep within our bodies, so this drink is very sustaining. And it’s easy to make.

How’s 7 minutes for quick-to-make sound? And only three ingredients in your already well-stocked macrobiotic diet kitchen: umeboshi plum, shoyu – a special soy sauce, and kuzu – the harvested root of the kudzu plant. Plus one cup water. That’s easy for sure!

  • Just dissolve 1 teaspoon of kuzu in 1 cup cold spring or filtered water.
  • Bring to a boil, stirring continually to avoid lumping.
  • Add one-third umeboshi plum
  • Once the water becomes transparent, add 6 drops shoyu.

Now, please drink while hot, not scorching your throat, but very soon after making it.

I always sit in a quiet, darkened room on my healing couch from my Fred’s dear parents to have this wonderful drink! So you find your special place for this precious remedy for yourself.

I would love to share one story with you how I know this drink works. About 10 years ago my dear father who is this very week celebrating his 90th birthday, was very ill. A cancer survivor of 30 years at that time, he was interested in trying the macrobiotic diet after being diagnosed with 10 serious conditions. I almost flew to the hardware store to buy jars, dishwashed them and quickly assembled a full  macrobiotic diet set-up for him from my kitchen’s ingredients. Within a few hours I was tooling down the highway towards Wilmington, North Carolina – a 7 hour trip.

Arriving that evening, I quickly prepared this drink, and upon the first sip, Daddy said could you please line up twelve of these? I knew it was the perfect drink for him, and as he had one each day, one-by-one of those terrible conditions just went away. It wasn’t magic. We were simply alkalining his blood, coating his intestinal walls with this very gentle and soothing healing kuzu, and his energy restored within just a few days. The healing properties of these 3 ingredients have been known and used thousands of years. And yes, we used the top quality products I’m suggesting for you.


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  • 89333            Mitoku Umeboshi Plum 6 oz                                   
  • 89408            Mitoku Kuzu 3 oz           

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