What’s In a Macro Name?

What’s In a Macro Name?

Shakespeare’s Juliet asks What’s in a name, right, and we have all these dieting approaches to health! Call it Vegan, Gluten-Free, Macrobiotics! I’ll take all the above, and let me share with you what makes Macro different from other vegetarian diets.

Macrobiotics is based on the energetics of the food. This is to say, on how the food makes us feel after we eat it. Do we have more energy after eating? Are we tired? Do we feel like running a marathon or the potato couch watching it on tv?

Macrobiotics principles are used to reverse health conditions, even serious, so-called terminal diagnosis when caught early and the diet is practiced well, with the guidance of an experienced Senior Macrobiotic Counselor.

So that’s why I’m steeped in Macro tradition, experience, recipes and lifestyle. And we love it.

Wouldn’t it be fun to suddenly feel, act and look 20 years younger! That’s our Macrobiotic Diet, for ya!

Join our cooking classes in this wonderful year 2013! Raise your health to the next levels! Reach for your stars healthwise! Make a special health commitment to YOURSELF and your family!

We’ll guide your baby steps, and you’ll take off with leaps and bounds! 

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