About Us

marshabioAbout Marsha Rueff

Marsha Rueff has been teaching the Atlanta macrobiotic community for over 20 years. Marsha is listed in the resource section of The Book of Macrobiotics, newly revised by Michio Kushi and Alex Jack, 2013. With so much experience working with Warren Kramer, Wendy and Ed Esko, and leading Michio Kushi’s Group Consultations six years in a row at the Kushi Summer Conferences, she shares her information in a special, easy to understand and apply manner you will enjoy and be able to use day-to-day. She loves teaching by stories, and has a unique way explaining this cooking style, enhancing your ability to remember and apply each step at home in your own kitchen. Marsha’s teaching style has drawn students from around the United States, Europe and South Africa, and numerous chefs, from Atlanta’s Ritz Carlton to Los Angeles and Aspen.


fredbiopicAbout Fred Rueff

After Fred’s open-heart triple bypass surgery in 1992, Fred’s switch to the Dean Ornish and macrobiotic diet and lifestyle was truly exemplary. Without any medication after the first 6 months following surgery, Fred’s incredibly high energy and activity levels impress everyone he meets. So appreciative for macrobiotics swiftly improving the quality of Fred’s health, he encouraged Marsha to bring her love of teaching to macrobiotics, as he said, switch Shakespeare for Kushi! Taking an active role in the kitchen, Fred taught Macro on the Go Cooking Class for the traveling business executive 3 years at the Kushi Summer Conference, and Harriet’s Kitchen, Winter Park, Florida. He spoke on two Life-Changing Panels at the Kushi Summer Conference, inspiring many with his healing story. Fred’s passion for serving others brings him in contact feeding the homeless in Atlanta as well as weekly singing to hospice patients the last 15 years. Fred’s joy is family, attentive to each, inspiring in his sweet, sensitive and very special qualities.