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Warren 's March 2014-3


Warren Kramer’s Lectures for March 26-30, 2014


Detailed Descriptions for Lectures and Cooking Classes all classes and lectures presentations at the home of Marsha and Fred Rueff 1130 Trailridge Lane, Dunwoody, Georgia 30338 RSVP: 678.643.5662 marsharueff@mac.com


Thursday Lecture: March 27, 2014 7:30-9 PM $30 per person

Making Macrobiotics Work for You: A Guide for the Busy Person -

Here it is, the class many of you requested! Common sense says living a macrobiotic way of live makes sense. The question is: how to accomplish this? Warren has come up with simple strategies and tips to actually succeed in creating better health while living a busy life. Macrobiotic practice can happen for YOU! You will be empowered to create your health like never before.


Friday Lecture: March 28, 2014 7:30-9 PM $30 per person

Strategies for Fundamental Change in Your Health -

Are you ready to take your health to a new level? Tired of not feeling great? Stuck in a low energy place for sometime now? Feeling there is no way out? In this special class, Warren presents a plan to create that shift in your health. In a very clear, practical way we will look at what to do to shift your direction. Come get inspired for a fresh new start!


Saturday Special 3 Hour Workshop: March 29, 2014 1-4 PM $50 per person

- Eating to Live, Not Living to Eat: Freedom from Food Addiction and Obesity -

This special workshop with transform your relationship to food. We will look at the nature of addictions and what is behind them. We will explore what it means to keep one’s condition empty and just how to do that – and why it’s so important for our health!

In January, 2014 it was just announced a startling 70% of North Americans are overweight. This is an escalating epidemic. Warren will explain why the weight issue is on the rise and how to shift the direction. An exciting workshop that touches many aspects to our unique relationship with food.


Sunday Lecture: March 30, 2-3:30 PM $30 per person

- Menu Planning Made Easy for Spring & Liver Health -

The key to satisfaction with your meals day-to day is simple, but varied menu-planning. As Spring & warmer weather are approaching, we’ll plan satisfying, delicious meals together to help balance us for the season and support our liver.

This key organ is the most active in Springtime of the year, and we will look at how our to nourish our liver with specific dishes. Warren shows how meal-planning is essential to our everyday cooking, and makes it truly exciting! You’ll feel ever so rewarded when you and your family and guests enjoy your meals to new rave reviews!