Private coaching with Marsha will jumpstart your approach to new health more than you can even imagine possible.  Did you ever hear impossible is actually I’m Possible?  And you will see yourself in a whole new light!  Welcome to Marsha’s exciting world of reclaiming your health, and your joy of life!  Diet, natural home remedies and lifestyle changes from the total picture for the new you!


Fees:  Lifestyle coaching fees upon request



Marsha’s passion!  With over 20 years of experience, Marsha’s kitchen is magical!  She calls it a dance floor that just happens to have a stove in the middle of it!  Her style is making the cooking quick, fun, easy and delicious!  Otherwise, who would ever want to do this!  Marsha’s private class includes her wonderfully easy guide book just for you, simplifying your new healing cuisine.  You leave Marsha’s classes feeling like a pro, with improved skills and a keenly understanding the nature of healing foods.

Private classes are ideal for:

  • Starting a vegan and macrobiotic way of eating
  • Family, friends and co-workers learning healthy vegan cuisine & gourmet vegetarian dining
  • Holiday & memorable birthday and anniversary occasions for delicious, healthy & fun-loving dining
  • Gift Certificates
  • Fund Raiser Events:  Gift Certificates for Silent Auctions
  • Theme Party Dinners:  Hands-on for smaller groups, up to 6; larger groups enjoy a demo-style dinner


Fees:  $75 per hour for one person, $35 for your support person;  2-3 hour class.  Group fees upon request



Marsha’s cooking classes include extensive recipe handouts including the benefits of the ingredients used, and resource pages to outfit your kitchen and pantry!  Her yearly syllabus of classes cover health concerns, holiday classes, ethnic meals, cooking for kids, sweethearts, families & more.


Fees:  $45 per person for a 3 hour class, including a meal and recipe handout



Ginger Compress:  A powerful external home remedy that helps to release tension in the body.  Deeply relaxing and soothing.

Special Medicinal Drinks:  Just because we stop eating certain foods does not meant the body automatically heals from the effects of that food.  Macrobiotic diet has many basic home remedies using foods already within our pantry to eliminate the harmful effects, and restore our health.  Marsha will teach the drinks suggested for each person’s condition.


Fees:  Healing home remedy class fees upon request



This is the key to your success!  Marsha’s handy chart eases menu planning, suddenly it’s second nature to you!  With menu planning, you’ll learn how to include all of the dishes for your specific health issues.  When your questions come up, Marsha’s coaching is invaluable!  With menu planning you will learn:  how to stay focused in the direction of health; delicious menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner; how to balance social eating and cooking with a hectic lifestyle and working full time; cooking for your family; and travel tips for eating healthy on the fly, on the road, at the airport and out on the town.


Fees:  Menu planning fees upon request



This is Marsha’s expertise!  Request organization, and she’ll do it for you, just like she’s organized her own kitchen.  Just wait ‘til you see it!  She’s labeled everything, and everything is in it’s place.  Fred teased her, just please don’t label me!  Marsha will do as much or as little as you desire, and voila, you will have an organized, ready to cook-in kitchen!  How’s that sound!  A big sigh of relief.  Remember, to make this easy on yourself, so you can focus on healing, and bringing about that change in health.


Fees:  $75 per hour, and $50 travel fee within a certain radius



Tour Whole Foods and Dekalb Farmer’s Market, ordering from Natural Import Company with Marsha

Simply meet us at the store you shop, and we’ll shorten your shopping experience with a logical quick game-plan that you will enjoy and want to share.  List in hand, and acknowledging your budget as well as honoring organic foods, you will learn new foods, what to buy, what to avoid, reading labels, what’s in season, saving money and how to properly store the food in your fridge and pantry shelves.  Promising to cut down on your shopping trips as well!  This frees you for your cooking, as well as more personal time for what you really love the most!


Fees:  Shopping tour fees upon request