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Eating Out, Eating Right

Our macrobiotic counselor Warren Kramer says balance is the most important part of our macrobiotic diet. We eat in, we eat out. And believe it or not, this can be a difficult part of practicing macrobiotics. Why eat out, we ask? Our food at home is organic, top quality Mitoku products, cooked exactly as we […]

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Out to Eat in Atlanta

When dining out in restaurants here are guidelines to maintain a healthy macrobiotic diet. When you frequent restaurants you can fax this list ahead or call in advance, and simplify your ordering at the table. We cover this information more in depth in our macrobiotic cooking classes. AVOID THESE FOODS Please omit these foods and […]

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Travel Tips From a Unique Macrobiotic Cooking Class

You’re itinerary‘s perfection, car, hotel, entertainment, sight-seeing, including plenty of local color. But are you macro-ready? Am I what? Yep, are you prepared to eat well and within macrobiotic diet recommendations while away from your macrobiotic kitchen? There are a few parts to this puzzle. It’s do-able, easy, and well worth it. Why? Because you’ll […]

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