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Mother Earth and Macrobiotics

Today’s many young vegetarians amaze me. The conscious choice of the young generation who avoid eating meat and meat products grows each year. They are quite informed on their own, and many are choosing this way of eating even though it differs from their parents. They’ve learned some incredible statistics about water and grain being […]

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A Macro Girl’s Gotta Have Fun!

Do ever get out of the kitchen? How do you have a life, when cooking all the time?  Will you ever go to restaurants again? If you did, what can you eat out! Yes, yes, and double yes! I’m not glued to my kitchen floor! ~ I do get out of the kitchen ~ I enjoy […]

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Let’s Heal Digestion with Marsha Rueff Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

If you could improve your digestion health with one important Macrobiotic Cooking Class, wouldn’t you want to be there?? Here’s the deal! Macrobiotics point of view is so refreshing in dealing with digestive issues! It puts the ball in your court, and you get to see the cause of the problem, and once recognizing this, […]

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