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Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

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One of the most important questions is, where do I go for macrobiotic cooking classes? You want the most experienced teacher you can find. At Atlanta Macrobiotics we are lucky bringing Warren Kramer 4 times a year, and cooking with Warren and his delightful wife, Fatim, during the week they are in Atlanta. So what’s […]

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Macrobiotic Cooking Classes on Home Remedies

Macrobiotic home remedy classes are just as about as important as learning miso soup, brown rice, beans and & greens! LIke the Crown Jewel of Macrobioitics! Why? Remedies are amazing combinations of macro food already on the shelves of our kitchen. Only, we might never think of preparing them to help us overcome fever, pain, hasten cuts […]

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Kids Jump All Aboard a Fun Macrobiotic Kitchen Ride

Let me tell you about our daughter Karyn. When our granddaughter, Brittany, was 18 months old, Karyn called me saying, I just gave Brittany her first macrobiotic cooking lesson! She cut the vegetables, stirred the food, measured the water, added the rice, and made gomashio! Music to my ears. With all the love we have […]

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Kids and Macrobiotic Diet

In every macrobiotic cooking class when kids are still within the home, my clients ask, what do I feed my children? It’s a huge concern. Young women diagnosed with breast and other cancers, and researching alternative cancer treatments, invariably worry this dilemma. Realizing they want to change their eating, but not wanting to make waves […]

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A Macro Girl’s Gotta Have Fun!

Do ever get out of the kitchen? How do you have a life, when cooking all the time?  Will you ever go to restaurants again? If you did, what can you eat out! Yes, yes, and double yes! I’m not glued to my kitchen floor! ~ I do get out of the kitchen ~ I enjoy […]

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Travel Tips From a Unique Macrobiotic Cooking Class

You’re itinerary‘s perfection, car, hotel, entertainment, sight-seeing, including plenty of local color. But are you macro-ready? Am I what? Yep, are you prepared to eat well and within macrobiotic diet recommendations while away from your macrobiotic kitchen? There are a few parts to this puzzle. It’s do-able, easy, and well worth it. Why? Because you’ll […]

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