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What’s In a Macro Name?

Shakespeare’s Juliet asks What’s in a name, right, and we have all these dieting approaches to health! Call it Vegan, Gluten-Free, Macrobiotics! I’ll take all the above, and let me share with you what makes Macro different from other vegetarian diets. Macrobiotics is based on the energetics of the food. This is to say, on […]

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Macrobiotic Cooking Classes on Home Remedies

Macrobiotic home remedy classes are just as about as important as learning miso soup, brown rice, beans and & greens! LIke the Crown Jewel of Macrobioitics! Why? Remedies are amazing combinations of macro food already on the shelves of our kitchen. Only, we might never think of preparing them to help us overcome fever, pain, hasten cuts […]

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Macrobiotic Diet Primers

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These titles provide a digestible overview to cooking the Macrobiotic Diet. These books gently present background and information regarding a macrobiotic way of health, thoughtfully and practically. Of course, the pages are filled with delectable recipes. Please note, however, the macrobiotic diet never was meant to be learned from books. To understand and know how […]

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