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Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

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One of the most important questions is, where do I go for macrobiotic cooking classes? You want the most experienced teacher you can find. At Atlanta Macrobiotics we are lucky bringing Warren Kramer 4 times a year, and cooking with Warren and his delightful wife, Fatim, during the week they are in Atlanta. So what’s so […]

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Atlanta Allergies Gotcha Down? Macrobiotic Cooking Classes with Marsha Rueff are your Ticket!

Atlanta Allergies gotcha down? Macrobiotic Cooking Classes with Marsha Rueff are your ticket! Yes, you really can stop allergy symptoms. How do I know? Well, here’s a great story about a client of mine, who actually became interested in macrobiotics because both she and her husband were diagnosed with cancer. Her’s was a brain tumor, […]

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Where’s the Beans??? Tempeh, Tofu, the GMO Scoop!

We’ve come a long way from Wendy’s 1984 commercial & Clara Peller asking, where’s the beef? But  are co-workers wondering if you omitted protein from lunch today? Are you concerned about eating sufficient protein while selecting vegan and vegetarian dishes at restaurants? What about meal-planning for your family and yourself at home? Are you concerned […]

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