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Atlanta Cooking Class, Looking Fit & Fabulous! April 17,2013

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April 17, 2013 – ohmygosh! my half-birthday! What a perfect time to think about cooking to Look Fit & Fabulous! Keeping our health, exuberance and ability for the activities we enjoy as well as helping others as we age gracefully! Setting that mid-year purpose – asking are we on-track for all we wish to accomplish […]

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Mother Earth and Macrobiotics

Today’s many young vegetarians amaze me. The conscious choice of the young generation who avoid eating meat and meat products grows each year. They are quite informed on their own, and many are choosing this way of eating even though it differs from their parents. They’ve learned some incredible statistics about water and grain being […]

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Macrobiotic Meals to Go!

Macrobiotic Meals in Atlanta is very easy! Freshly cooked meals prepared daily, ready for you, using the highest quality macrobiotic and organic ingredients, centrally located in Dunwoody, Georgia, near GA 400. Usually ready by noon, each meal contains a home-made soup, grain dish and several vegetable dishes, including many amazing macrobiotic specialty dishes, all designed […]

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Learn Nabe Cooking!

That’s perfectly right! This awesome Nabe Cooking is just as Gluten-Free as you wanna make it! So, if you’ve been enchanted by the idea of vegan or macrobiotic cooking directly at your table, for 2 or company, and gluten-free is a criteria for you – look no more! Call it Nabe, Hooto, Shabu-Shabu, we’ll cover it […]

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